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Immediate notification of incidents
Support various platforms hand held, text messaging, e-mail
Access to recording of incident calls
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Access to key management information
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The goals of our reporting tools are to provide immediate notification of a reported incident and to provide management information that identifies your areas of risk. Upon receipt of an incident call or entry through our website, the appropriate manager/supervisor will receive an alert that contains the Incident Notification (see below). This alert will be delivered to a hand held device or via e-mail. Finally, our customers will be allowed to sign-in through our website to the customer reporting area. In this area, customers will be able to view detailed reports, summary reports or statistical reports, examples of which are listed below.

Driver Information Interface
As many of our customers are large trucking companies that employ tractor/trailers, it is imperative that track which driver is driving what vehicle (i.e., trailer) at any given point in time. We have developed an interface template that our clients can feed us this information at any frequency you desire. Then when we do receive an incident call, whether it be current or in the past, we can access the correct driver that was driving that vehicle at that time of the incident.

Sample Reports
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Incident Notification Report

Detailed Report

Summary Reports

Statistical Report