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Focus on return on investment
Flexible pricing structures to meet your needs
Pricing for large or small fleets
Prepayment advantages
Flexible payment methods: check, credit debit or P-cards


We have developed three different pricing options. Each option has unique benefits depending on your specific situation. We will help you review each alternative and determine the best pricing structure for your company. We are confident that whichever option you choose the benefits you will receive from our program will far outweigh the costs.

Pricing Options
Per Vehicle:
Annual charge per vehicle. Our price per vehicle is determined by the number of units used by your company; the greater number of vehicles the lower the per vehicle price. Our pricing tiers are:

1 25 vehicles
25 200 vehicles
> 200 vehicles

Enterprise License:
Fixed annual fee for your entire organization.

Fees charged will be based on the overall cost savings attributed to PRM. For example, we may agree to a fee equal to a percentage of reduction in losses due to fewer accidents attributed to PRM. A value-based fee approach requires the explicit definition of cost factors and the ability to determine current and future levels.