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Easy to use, provides users options
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Provide recording of all calls
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How It Works

We are firm believers that if systems are not easy to use then nobody will use them. We have designed the processes and systems that make up the program to be easy for our customers and most importantly for the public. We have learned what works and what doesn't work; our customers benefit from this experience.

A key part of our process is providing the actual recording of the call to our customers. We feel that listening to the actual call "speaks a thousand words"; letting our customers and their drivers hear the tone of a caller helps them understand the potential impact of their actions. Once again, the callers' contact information is never disclosed and is not part of the recording.

What Makes Us Better
Leading Brand. is the name in traffic safety. Your drivers and your customers will recognize the brand and immediately relate to your traffic safety initiative. Our brand provides instant credibility.

Teamwork. becomes an integral part of our customers' transportation safety program. We send representatives to participate in safety meetings to introduce the program and address concerns. We are highly visible to your driver community and are keenly aware of their concerns; we are your partner in stopping accidents before they happen.

Custom Decals. Our decals are of the highest quality and are ergonomically designed so that the toll free number and the identification are easily legible. We have the capability to create a unique decal that meets your company-specific needs. We can create a decal with the coloring and/or wording that best represents your company.

Toll-free Number. Given the majority of our calls come from cell phones, we have chosen to use a toll free number (877-700-9090) that is easy to dial without looking at the phone. Many companies imbed their company name in the phone number (e.g. 866-DRIVERSAFE) but we believe it is not safe to make a caller look at the phone keypad to transcribe a word into numbers.

Call Center. We employ a "live" call center with courteous and friendly agents, not a telephone recording system. Our philosophy is that a live agent can better calm an irate caller and turn a negative perception of your company into a positive one. This cannot be done by other companies that use inexpensive "answering machine" technology to receive calls.

Web Incident Entry. We provide an option for the entry of incidents through our website. These incidents follow the same notification and reporting process as call center-reported incidents (except that there is not a recording). This allows a concerned motorist more flexibility in reporting driver incidents.

Call Recordings. We record every call received in our call center and provide this recording to the designated supervisors for our customer. The recording does not contain the caller's name and/or phone number. This information is maintained confidentially by If you require further clarification or verification of a call, will gladly contact the caller. Maintaining their confidentiality allows them to feel comfortable in providing information.

Web-based Application. Our award-winning core application is web-based and provides various options for supervisor notification. When an incident report is received, we can notify any number of people in your organization through a telephone call, an alert on a hand-held device, or an e-mail. This alert will contain key information about the incident and a recording of the actual call.

Corrective Action. We work with our customers to develop the appropriate corrective actions to help their drivers become better and safer drivers. We can help you develop internal or leverage external safety training programs to address common or recurring safety problems. These training programs can be on-site or on-line, depending on your specific requirements.

Management Reporting. Access to information is key to developing a successful PRM; understanding the key trends, the recurring driver issues, and the location of higher-risk operations is important to reducing risk. We provide a flexible web-based reporting tool that will allow you to "slice and dice" your incident data to understand where your exposure is greatest.

Process Flow
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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Why do I need the
A: offers a comprehensive program which will help you avoid accidents, and avoiding accidents means avoiding costs. We are confident that you will receive a payback that is many times the cost of your investment.
Q: I already have my company name and phone number on my vehicle; can't motorists just call us?
A: Having your name and number on your vehicle does not let callers know that you are open to being notified of incidents. Without a defined system, you are not sure if calls are being handled properly and data is collected in a cost-effective manner. With, callers are handled in a professional calming manner by our trained call center agents and the necessary data is captured. This allows for accurate, detailed and useful data for tracking and reporting purposes. Also, by using a 3rd party such as, you avoid accusations of bias or favoritism. Since the data is being captured and maintained by a 3rd party, you are objective as to the information.
Q: Why wouldn't my company just put our own stickers on our vehicles?
A: offers an effective system of collecting incident data, reporting incidents in a timely manner, providing recorded calls, and offering excellent management reporting options, all for pennies a day. We are very cost effective and efficient. This allows you the freedom to take care of the business of your business.
Q: Can I listen to the calls?
A: Yes, you may listen to the calls recorded by our call center. The call recordings are attached to the alerts or e-mails which are sent to the drivers' supervisor and are also available on our website in the Customer Reports section.
Q: Will I have access to the caller's name?
A: In order to maintain callers' confidentiality, will not release the callers' names or phone numbers. If you require further clarification or verification of a call, will contact the caller. Maintaining their confidentiality allows callers to feel comfortable in providing information and reduces your liability.
Q: What will my drivers think of
A: is not a disciplinary system. It is designed to help you reward safe drivers and alert you to drivers who need retraining. We will participate with you in your overall safety program and have visibility in your organization. We will help you project as a a positive tool for company and driver success.