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About Us

Mission Statement
" will provide valued information to companies committed to safety, both those in the transportation industry and those with internal transportation capabilities, which will allow them to reduce the risk of accidents. This reduction in risk will not only benefit these companies but also have a positive impact on their drivers, their customers and society. We will price our services such that the payback that our customers receive will greatly exceed their program cost."

Overview is the name in traffic safety. We are a leader in providing traffic safety-related services and products to companies committed to transportation safety. is a pioneer in defining and developing the leading Public Reporting Model (PRM) for transportation safety. Our name and decals are well known and recognized in the industry; "How am I driving?"ô is our catch-phrase.

Our clients view as an integral part of their transportation safety program. We invest the time and effort to develop a portfolio of services that will meet your specific needs. Our intent is not to be the "bearer of bad news", but to be the means for creating safer behavior in your organization. Our feedback on drivers creates awareness of issues, and we will work with you to develop the appropriate counseling and training programs to make them better drivers. We will work to ensure that howamidriving.comís presence within your organization is viewed as a positive; we accomplish this through communication, education and participation (e.g. safety meetings). We constantly emphasize the positive results of our program.

Management Team/Advisory Board
Don Giudice, President and Founder, has over 20 years of experience in the transportation and services industries. He was "raised" in the transportation industry and being a former truck driver early in his life he understands the challenges and issues around transportation. After completing his Bachelorís and Masterís Degrees, he entered the management consulting field and became a principle with Deloitte Consulting. He has a proven track record in founding and managing leading companies. receives strategic, management and operational guidance from an esteemed Advisory Board. Our Advisory Board consists of industry leaders, key clients and executives from our key business partners. The leadership that the Advisory Board provides is invaluable to our success and our ability to meet your needs.

Our Approach
"Prevent accidents before they happen" is more than a slogan; it is the foundation upon which was built. By collecting data on traffic incidents, you can develop a probability model to help assess your areas of risk. It is statistically proven that drivers with higher numbers of calls are at higher risk for an eventual accident. By recording and understanding these incidents, we work with our clients to develop the appropriate plan of action to mitigate this risk.

We have developed a solution that has proven effective with our clients. We have provided two options for the public to record traffic incidents: direct entry through our award-winning website or a toll-free call to a "live" agent at our call center. We provide both of these options to make it easier for the public to report incidents. has developed a leading web-based application that sends alerts to you when calls are received, provides a recording of the complete conversation with the call center, and offers a variety of personalized report options. Finally, we can work with you to provide the appropriate counseling and training program to meet your specific needs.